descriptionsimple C SAMv3 library
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simple C SAMv3 library; primary target is becoming familiar with SAMv3
2015-07-06 str4dDon't make STREAM FORWARD silentmaster
2015-07-04 str4dAdd STREAM FORWARD support
2012-12-06 biotechlibsam3a: added stream server sample
2012-12-06 biotechlibsam3a: we can accept connections now
2012-12-06 biotechadded some samples for libsam3a
2012-12-06 biotechlibsam3a: stream data sending
2012-12-06 biotechlibsam3a: sam3aStreamConnect()
2012-12-06 biotechlibsam3a: connections can't be created, but can be...
2012-12-06 biotechlibsam3a: keypair generator and name resolver
2012-12-06 biotechstarted libsam3a: non-blocking SAMv3 library based...
2012-12-05 biotechlibsam3 and samples: fixed some naming
2012-12-05 biotechlibsam3 samples moved to separate dir
2012-12-05 biotechlibsam3: fixed bug in sam3CloseConnection()
2012-12-05 biotechsamples adapted to the new interface
2012-12-05 biotechlibsam3: one STREAM session now can be used for multipl...
2012-12-05 biotechadded base32 encoder
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