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To build this you need Botan 1.11.5, boost 1.55.0, sqlite, cmake 2.8.11, and clang 3.3. See the file for details.
2014-09-01 EinMByteUpdated README.master
2014-07-05 orionDeveloped RoutingTable.
2014-07-02 orionAdded RoutingTable class.
2014-06-23 orionModified the Router bits to accept a set of Callbacks...
2014-06-20 orionAttempted to fix compile error with GCC.
2014-06-20 orionAdded Callbacks struct and Lease, LeaseSet classes.
2014-06-10 orionAdded methods to remove DHT success/fail handlers.
2014-05-28 orionMerge branch 'libssu'
2014-05-26 orionModified the frontend to use the new SSU interface.
2014-05-26 orionCode now compiles.
2014-05-16 EinMByteUpdated TODO.
2014-05-16 EinMByteMerge branch 'memleaks'
2014-05-16 EinMByteFixed memory leaks in RouterInfo.
2014-05-14 EinMByteFixed memory leaks in EstablishmentState.
2014-05-12 EinMByteRefactored OMS (no longer using bitarrays).
2014-05-12 EinMByteMerge branch 'dhtfix' (should fix segfault)
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