descriptionI2P is an anonymizing network, offering a simple layer that identity-sensitive applications can use to securely communicate. All data is wrapped with several layers of encryption, and the network is both distributed and dynamic, with no trusted parties.
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This is the source code for the reference Java implementation of I2P.

Latest release:


See INSTALL.txt or for installation instructions.



API: or run 'ant javadoc' then start at build/javadoc/index.html

Building packages from source

To get development branch from source control:


Build process

On x86 systems do:

ant pkg

On non-x86, use one of the following instead:

ant installer-linux
ant installer-freebsd
ant installer-osx

Run 'ant' with no arguments to see other build options.

Contact info

Need help? See the IRC channel #i2p on

Bug reports:

Contact information, security issues, press inquiries:

Twitter: @i2p, @geti2p



7 days ago zzzRouter: Don't lookup hostnames in addresses (proposal... master
9 days ago str4dUpdate history after prop
9 days ago str4dpropagate from branch '' (head 61fce...
13 days ago str4dAdd NativeBigInteger benchmarks
13 days ago str4dFix bench.jarUpToDate
13 days ago str4dAdd usage info to benchmark script
13 days ago str4dMove benchmarks into core
13 days ago str4dEnable to run with everything in one...
13 days ago str4dClean up benchmarks dir
2017-09-02 zzzData: Prohibit excess key data in certs (ticket #2035)
2017-09-02 zzznew opentrackers
2017-09-02 zzznew reseed
2017-09-02 zzzStartup: Add property to disable output redirect (ticke...
2017-08-26 str4dMinor cosmetic issues in the default console and snark...
2017-08-26 str4dRemove old benchmarks
2017-08-26 str4dUse I2PAppContext for obtaining instances of AES and...
6 weeks ago i2p-0.9.31
4 months ago i2p-0.9.30
6 months ago i2p-0.9.29-win1
6 months ago i2p-0.9.29
9 months ago i2p-0.9.28
11 months ago i2p-0.9.27
15 months ago i2p-0.9.26
18 months ago i2p-0.9.25
19 months ago i2p-0.9.24
22 months ago i2p-0.9.23
2 years ago i2p-0.9.22
2 years ago i2p-0.9.21
2 years ago i2p-0.9.20
2 years ago i2p-0.9.19
2 years ago i2p-0.9.18
2 years ago i2p-0.9.17
7 days ago master